“In over 20 years of medical practice and multiple board exams and hundreds of hours of reading medical literature, I had never encountered such a clear description of how we form our fears and how we hold the key to disarming them in our rational brains.”
-Juan Remos, M.D.

We literally have two brains. One is a rational brain that can help us make good decisions and behave rationally. The other brain is a primitive-survival brain that is always scanning the environment for danger. This brain signals perceived danger, creates fear and can create mistakes in our thinking. Our defensive reactions become automatic and sometimes inappropriate. Unless we learn how to take good care of ourselves, this brain can get us into a lot of trouble.

You will Discover:
• How your brain makes mistakes and acts as if it is trying to save your life.
• The 5 most vulnerable times when you can be emotionally hijacked.
• Personal stories that can help you heal your emotional pain
• Innovative, reader friendly layout for a book based on neuroscience.
• A clear understanding of ways to achieve peace of mind.


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